Volvo XC60. A Combination of Refined Strength and Swedish Design.

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From deep inside the versatility is at the heart of Volvo’s XC60. The SUV impresses whether you take it through the city or out on the open road. Features such as all-wheel drive and the manufacturer’s famous safety systems help you to always feel in control and protected no matter the environment.

It s not surprising for me to have seen the all new Volvo XC60 being  voted World Car of the Year 2018. This uniquely Scandinavian mid-size SUV crossover delivers innovative, intuitive technology that connects you and your car with the world. Its cabin blends exceptional craftsmanship with everyday versatility and puts you in command at the wheel. A sophisticated chassis balances comfort and control, while our latest safety technology helps protect what’s important to you. This is the dynamic Swedish SUV, evolved.

Volvo starts with the concept of designing around you – a car that must look beautiful, engage the driver and makes itself useful. The XC60 is built for enjoyment, because Volvo thinks you should enjoy every drive in your car, no matter how short or long the journey. That’s why we crafted the XC60 to be a car that you feel inspired and confident when driving. Experience the rewards offered by the dynamic handling in a cabin that provides outstanding comfort and a calm, restful environment. With seats designed to perfectly complement the human form, the interior of the XC60 is a haven.

From every angle the XC60 is the SUV with a unique Scandinavian attitude. Full-LED headlights with distinctive T-shaped daytime running lights create an unmistakable impression, day or night, while rear lights that flow into the tailgate are a Volvo design cue that emphasize the car’s strength. This is the Volvo approach to driving enjoyment. Leather seats, a sunroof, automated emergency braking, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are standard; a semi-autonomous driving mode is optional. A system with adaptive cruise control, a rearview mirror compass, power-folding second-row seats and headrests, power child locks, heated washer fluid routed through the wiper blades, and Volvo’s HomeLink. Additional wallet-lightening features included the sport steering wheel and black headliner, worth of metallic paint, and finally, the Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

The Volvo XC60 sits right at the heart of the big-selling mid-size crossover crowd. It’s handsome and luxurious and it wraps you in a safety blanket as comprehensive as the Swedish welfare state. It’s not distracted by off-road ambitions. Neither is it wearing the pretence of track-lapping athleticism. So it’s not hampered by the heavy and cumbersome hardware of the former, or the harsh inflexibility of the latter. However other car makers are back to the drawing board and this middle-of-the-road approach of course lands it some stern rivals. The Mercedes-Benz GLC and Audi Q5 are both right there, and both implacably competent. But the Volvo feels very different inside. Its decor is as Skandi as a Stockholm boutique hotel bar. For this reason alone I can see tremendous improvement and technological shifts among the coveted car makers in the next few months.

The generation-2 XC60 starts with a lot of momentum behind it. The old one wasn’t only Volvo’s best-selling car, it was also the best-selling vehicle of that type in Europe. Its suspension manners might have been pretty rough-and-ready but even that wasn’t enough to hold the old car back. The new one gives Volvo a chance to exploit the old buyers’ loyalty while fixing the faults. That means a better suspension. It also brings more tech and even more safety features.

The platform, powertrains, suspension, seats, and interior operating system are unashamedly the same as other recent Volvos. In short the new XC60 is the XC90 reduced. Reduced but not diminished. For the loss of the XC90’s third row of seats, it gains a handier-sized outline and a little extra agility. At launch at least, the range is all 4WD and automatic transmission. Diesels are the four-cylinder 2.0, in D4 tune giving 190bhp, and in twin-turbo T5 tune it’s 235bhp. The pure petrol option is a four-cylinder turbo T5 of 254bhp. Final powertrain is the ‘Twin Engine’ plug-in hybrid T8 pack. That’s a 320bhp turbo-plus-supercharged front drive with 87bhp of electric rear drive. As a plug-in hybrid it can whisper along on that electric drive for 15-20 miles, so long as you treat the accelerator like an eggshell.

Thankfully, this Volvo is far more refined, and it makes for impressive acceleration to around 5.1 sec to 60 mph. this could be dangerous in the safety was to be compromised but it not and on the safety front the XC60 runs even more helping-hand systems than any other Volvo.

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