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Toyota Land Cruiser, The Queen Of African Roads

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Production of the first generation Land Cruiser began in 1951 at which as many as 90 units were sold then on the Toyota’s version of a Jeep like vehicle. To date thousands rolls out of the productions line to fill the demand of the queen of sub-Saharan African roads.

Tpyota J 30Toyota Manufacturers strives to build vehicles to match customer interest and thus they typically  design cars with popular options and option packages. Not all options/packages are available separately and some may not be available in all regions of the country. If you would prefer a vehicle with no or different options, contact your dealer to check for current availability or the possibility of placing a special order.

I am witting this blog with particular model in mind, The unbeatable Toyota Land cruiser, For more than half a century the land cruiser has evolved and remained the out-most sort car in the sub-saharan African where roads seems impassible at time. Leading the market shares in competition with other 4 by 4 cars. Unlike the defender (featured in my previous  post) the land cruiser has offered different versions of itself and at the same time maintained it’s agility in the industry.


Will it fit well to replace the ending supply of the land rover defender. A question that keeps me bothered, The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser (Heritage) has a loyalty unmatched by any other SUV. The product of over 60 years of global adventure, it’s a sophisticated blend of off-road prowess, on-road comfort and unparalleled refinement. It also offers seating for up to eight passengers. After all, adventures are best shared, It’s a statement the fulfills my mind with hope that the Land rover vacuum will not be felt in some years to come. It is practical, not sure a topic for another day.

toyota801The car is built with the ability to craw in the wilderness and comfort to cruise on the highways with little or no hustle at all, all these at the touch of a few buttons or shift of some gears. Toyota also extensively tests the Land Cruiser in the Australian deserts, considered to be one of the toughest operating environments in both temperature and terrain.

The Land Cruiser journey started with the J20 and J30 which took the shape of a jeep but was lighter and more foreseeable than its counter part Jeep American, In the early 1960 the jeep was opened up to provide a military version of the Toyota jeep. Orders made by different countries boosted the Toyota motivation to invest more on the models. Between the 1962 and 1968 Toyota borrowed a lot of technology from a Germany manufacturer Mercedes. The borrowed technology helped them to understand how to build durable and yet affordable specs.

J70 OffroadIn 1984 a J70 model was launched and has remained on production till today the shell look like Toyota pack loads of off road capabilities and has found spot on the African wilderness. With capabilities like no other it replaced the 25-year-old 40 Series as the off-road workhorse of the Land Cruiser heritage, while the 60 Series (and later the 80, 90, 100, 150 and 200 Series) developed into more comfortable passenger off-road vehicles. Despite major changes in styling and numerous technological updates, the 70 Series was designed to retain the off-road capabilities and durability for which the 40 Series had become known. The 70 Series was marketed throughout the world, except for countries like the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Korea. The model hand both the pick-up and jeep versions. During the same year we saw the introduction of turbo diesel engine, with high performances.

land-cruiser-car-hireIn January 1998, the 100 series Land Cruiser was introduced to replace the 8-year-old 80 series. The 100 series was previewed in October 1997 as the “Grand Cruiser” at the 32nd Tokyo Motor Show, However a lot of time was taken to review and enhance it further. After which numerous trims have been developed in respect to the market terrain.

For the 2013 model year, Toyota added all previously optional safety and luxury options as standard. The Land Cruiser now gets push button start, HID headlights with beam level adjustment, a power moon roof, automatic rain sensing windshield wipers, heated and ventilated (perforated leather) front and only heated rear seats, a rear-seat DVD entertainment system, Bluetooth, rear view camera with parking sensors, navigation system, HD radio and Entune. Another new feature is the Multi-terrain Select system which helps control wheel spin and brake lockup giving the selectable choices of: Rock, Rock & Dirt, Mogul, Loose Rock, and Mud & Sand and with an addition to the Multi-terrain Select system a feature known as adaptive Anti-lock Braking system which adapts to the condition of the road like mud or sand and efficiently uses the ABS to reduce braking distance on any type of terrain.

toyota heritageIn August 2015, Toyota launched an updated, face lifted version of the J200 Land Cruiser in Japan, quickly rolled out globally. Beige or black leather is standard along with a 14 speaker JBL sound system. The only wheel choice is 18 in (460 mm) allowing a lot of sidewall so the vehicle can be driven off-road without modification though a more aggressive tread pattern is advised for deep mud.

In Oceania, the 200 Series is offered in four different levels of trim: GX, GXL, VX, and Sahara.

Long live Toyota Land Cruiser the Queen of African terrains.

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