Toyota 4Runner, Another Legend On the Run.

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Whether you’re a part of the extreme world of off-road or simply like to keep up to date on the latest and greatest in 4×4 vehicles, It good to note that the old Toyota Surf an off-roader is not yet dead even after its production was discontinued by Toyota Japan back in 2003, the 4Runner is the recent among other success stories from a couple of well-known rough-and-tumble four-by-fours, the niche category has lives yet to live.

We’re not talking about pickup trucks with Z71 badges or the ever-growing stable of vehicles perceived to be capable of mud-running because of their when-the-wheels-slip all-wheel-drive systems. No, truck-based SUV platforms with selectable four-wheel-drive are another breed. Yet a far less likely candidate for success in this age is the Toyota 4Runner, sales of which have already risen to a seven-year high in 2014, with three months remaining on the calendar, the GX’s nine-month U.S. sales total is already marks a four-year high. It’s not as though the 4Runner is alone on the loosely-defined SUV side of Toyota showrooms. From the RAV4 and FJ Cruiser, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser, Toyota sales consultants are swimming in utility vehicles up to their ears.

But while the 4Runner has maintained its boxy shape and rugged underpinnings and it’s not exactly track-honed on-road manners. Toyota did update the 4Runner for 2014. Granted, it’s still using a five-speed automatic and it won’t tow any more than a Highlander, but the 4Runner’s equipment levels were upgraded and the exterior was updated, like it or not. As has been the case for the TOYOTA 4 Runner for certain years. The interior proffers a reasonable however not outstanding experience for inhabitants. The seats are stable and not excessively comfy at the front, however the back seat’s backrest is precise upright. It lacks clever storing options of its generations too through small cup as well as bottle holders and lack of small item stowing.

The 4Runner series then parts should be OK. Fun though the 3L Turbo Diesel sounds, it’s a bitch to fix. The 2.4 and 3.0L petrol and 2.8L diesel were all sold in Australia though, so you should be able to find bits for them everywhere else in the world. Toyota’s are really made to last, I can’t comment on the surf’s because I’ve heard that people with surf petrol’s have done lots of heads from overheating, but the diesel at least in the 4runner doesn’t suffer this problem, the gauge never moves over half way. I am pretty sure the 4runner shares same engine as the Toyota Prado 4WD., oh and good thing about the4unner is the majority of the parts are interchangeable with hilux’s, and there is a lot of them out there so I’ve found parts to be really easy to find and cheap.

On my final thought, driving a Toyota may give you a little taste of what it is all about, but you could never really get a sense for how deep the Toyota DNA goes, the fun you can have and the amazing 4runner drive off-loading along the way, until you actually live the lifestyle here. Thanks to the 4Runner, long live the 4Runner.

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