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My 8 Points Of Peace, Keep Your Car In Top Shape.

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If everything on adverts and movies was true, then keeping a vehicle running great, looking good, and lasting a long time would be the easiest thing ever. The sales team will always try convince us, all we really need to do to keep that car or truck running forever and looking brand new for years is to pour some bottles of miracle liquid into the crankcase, sprinkle magic dust on the paint, or spray some sort of ionized wonder water on the interior. Unfortunately mine was not like this after 50000 km. Had been to the beach, deserts, mountains, crossed river and at time made it the dinner table. I guess you know what I had to deal with. Stains on the floor mats and broken cups holders.

The bogus  maintenance workshops and wash bays make me run out of patience and a proper care and maintenance are what really keep vehicles going into the high six-figure mileage ranges. Miracle cures, magic fairy dust, mystery polymers and the like are all fine and good for infomercials, but most likely won’t do much good for your vehicle.


Regularly scheduled maintenance and lubrication using the manufacturers recommended type and formulation of oil, grease and liquids is what will do the trick. Replacing normal wear-and-tear parts such as timing belts before they break is also a good path to follow on the road to long vehicle life. Taking good care of your vehicle can make the difference between being the proud owner of a good looking, long lasting, reliable machine, and saying goodbye to a rusty, faded-paint jalopy that fell apart or broke down long before it was designed to.

Driving habits are important as well, I give a friend my car for a month and that was the last time I will ever repeat the mistake again, am not an angel in driving but reckless driving, rough driving will heart me, if not my life. Feeling my car means a lot to me, I can tell of a problem without seeing it physically.
I well remember an uncle who owned an old high-mileage vehicle that just keeps on running year after year, we normally referred to him “as crazy uncle” in the high-mileage ride that keeps on going strong. “What’s uncle secret” you may wonder, scratching your head with one hand while holding a repair bill in the other? At its core, Uncle John’s 300,000-mile 1985 Datsun 1600 puck-up is no different a vehicle than a two-year-old junk that barely cleared 65,000 miles before it got hooked up to the wrecker truck, never to be seen again. While the short-lived heap has since been crushed, melted down, and built into another car, Uncle John keeps on trucking.

The secret is that there is no real secret to getting a vehicle to last a long time. The difference is maintenance. Regular fluid checks and an almost pious dedication to scheduled lubrication will keep the powertrain going strong. What kind of oil, brake fluid, and grease used is just as important as when it is changed. The best oil in the world will do your engine no good if you never change it. Cleaning and protecting the finishes of the vehicle inside and out will keep things looking good. Paint, plastic, leather, and fabric need help to survive the constant assault of sun and elements. Utilize both of these plans together and you, like my crazy Uncle, you will enjoy happy motoring for a good, long time.

My 8 points of peace for keeping your vehicle in top shape.

checking-oilEngine Oil.
Check and change the oil. No single step will help an engine last more than regular oil and filter changes will. Conversely, nothing will destroy an engine faster than neglecting oil-level checks or fresh-oil changes.

Colling system.
A mixture of coolant and distilled water ate 50.50 ration will keep the cooling system in good shape and prevent corrosion and deposits from building up inside the cooling system. Flush the cooling system and change coolant once a year.

Wheel balancing and Regular Rotations
Inspect, clean, and repack wheel bearings with wheel bearing grease according to service intervals. Wheel bearings and grease are inexpensive compared to spindle and hub replacement, or liberated wheels rolling down the road ahead of you. While wheel balancing will save you from unnecessary wear and tear.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic.
This means it is adept at attracting moisture. Moisture causes components to corrode and fail. Replace fluid and bleed system once a year. Brake fluid is cheap. Calipers, hoses, and sensors are expensive

Transmission Fluids
Change out transmission and differential oils. While not requiring frequent service, these fluids must be changed according to service intervals. Always use transmission fluid or gear oil of the recommended type and viscosity.

Car washCleanliness
Keep it clean. While washing the outside of the vehicle is obvious, most everything the vehicle ran over can also get stuck to the underside. Hosing off winter salt and road grime is a good idea. A good waxing (every six months would be ideal) after a dustless wash keeps paint looking good and protected.

Grease It Well.
Everything with moving parts needs grease to survive, while the u-joints also require regular lubrication. Take good care for the ball joints, they might retirement early due to poor lubrication,

Window deflector screen.
Using a window deflector screen protects the interior plastic, while parking the vehicle in the shade helps as well, and applying a UV protectant to prevent the plastic and vinyl from drying out.

Enjoy your drive at Peace and Keep Your Car In Top Shape.

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