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Land Rover Defender, The King Of Mara Plains

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Land Rover RiverThe discovery of the Mara plains would not have been that simple, without the presence of the “King” of the Mara.

Land rover

“The king of the Mara”, has for many years maintained his postures and stamped authority of his presence with his simple agility power, He crawls on the jungle with no hurry and his roaring sound from the rear exhaust can be heard deep inside. Thanks to the powerful 2.2 Diesel Engine, which now comes with turbo options. Every child on the African streets leading to Mara can tell the distinct roar from a distance. It has earned its position on the Mara plains.

At a recent Land Rover event, I was wondering how the Land rover manufacturers have stayed faithful to the old-fashioned but much-beloved Land Rover, which was awkwardly renamed the Defender in 1990. For sure it has defended itself from all.Land Rover expenditions

The Land rover was introduced to the African plains the British, but it fell in love with the terrain the cool climates was excellent. Almost all the countries in Africa has use the defender extensively. I can confidently say that the defender has genuinely defended the territory.

Land Rover expenditionsa


The Defender has traversed the deserts, crossed numerous river, crawled up the mountains, sun busked on the beaches, you just mention it, it will take you there, thanks to National Geographic big cat diaries expeditions.Land Rover expenditionsb

A good friend of mine says in a conversations from the back row seat, while perhaps not a representative voice, “We can’t wait until it finally goes out of production.” but still had a point. While some classic off-roaders have evolved in all aspects: capacity, performance and looks etc., such progress has not been seen with the Defender.Land Rover heritage

The British off-roader was first launched in 1948 after a successful prototype for the British army in 1947. To date it is remarkably close to the original in much more than spirit. Over the years, the Defender received only small incremental upgrades, and as a result, it has preserved the original feel of early models. Put less politely,Land rover Mara

The Defender is still available in several body styles and with three lengths of wheelbase. It’s also the cheapest Land Rover on the market. Often offered with a noisy 2.2-liter, four-cylinder turbo diesel. Top speed is just over 90mph, and it is no fun anywhere near that limit.

Land rover aAn insight from the manufacturer suggests that the “King of Mara” was supposed to go out of production by the end of the year 2015, and a “Heritage Edition” is already sold out. However orders for the regular model have become so strong that the production run has been extended well into 2016.

I hope the king will not disappear from our showrooms forever……

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