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Baby Car Seat, A Good Choice Will Save My Travel Expense.

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As Summer holidays come closer most families are planning to travel around the world, however family travel have numerous challenges, but you need to meet old friends and relative have fun and most certainly get off work and everyday routine; having booked hotels car rentals, airport transfers you are almost 90% done, but there is little upside and hassle of towing child car seats and strollers though airports and all along with you. This gear is a necessary evil of traveling with young children, but there are ways that savvy parents can minimize both the hassle and expense of transporting it. Here are some basic strategies of traveling with ease and comfort of your family togetherness.

  • Traveling with a child car seat.

Traveling-with-babyCar seats travel free. Most of the airlines will accept child safety seats and strollers as checked baggage for no additional charge. When it comes to checking a car seat, we strongly recommend placing it inside a large duffle bag to keep it from being soiled and prevent any parts from being lost, broken or damaged, or catching on luggage handling equipment. Furthermore, there’s a plenty of space inside the duffle, so this is also a convenient place to pack extra diapers, beach towels, or anything else that is lightweight, bulky, and not fragile. Provided you are within your luggage allowance.

  • Using a car seat on-board an aircraft.

This can be done, but I’m not a fan. A number of checks must be done before, the car seats must be labelled as certified, otherwise flight attendants will not let you use them. In fact, there are numerous reports of parents conflicting with flight attendants who prevent them from using even their approved child safety seat, so there’s always that risk. Next, you’ll have to carry the car seat through security and to the gate, which can be difficult. Finally, you’ll have to install and remove the seat on the plane which makes transporting much harder.

  •  Smaller is better.

Peruse the aisles of any store that sells child safety seats and you’ll notice some compact designs alongside some very large. The smaller it is the better. Since all these models are certified to the same safety standards, try to find one that’s compact for travel. Which is approved for children over 30 pounds it’s even small enough to carry on-board, which saves your time checking and retrieving bags.

  • Travel light and simple

Doona-Carseat-strollerEast African Pioneers crossed the continent by foraging locally rather than carrying it all with them. Likewise, parents you can rent or purchase car seats at your destination. Unfortunately, rental car companies make this option pretty costly especially for longer trips, though there are some ways to save. Some company’s offer slightly lower weekly pricing, while others offers lower rate for toddler seats. Notably, others offer free seat to any customer upon request. If you do end up renting a car seat (upon availability) the extra charge will be part of the rental car bill, so it can be covered as a travel expense.

Another strategy would be to simply purchase a car seat at your destination, and then donate it to charity upon departure. The problem here is that mum or dad have to drive off the airport to buy the car seat, and then return for the child, sucking up valuable vacation time. You’ll also face a similar challenge upon your departure. Unless you traveling first class where most services are free rather than economy. A better solution might be to purchase an additional car seat to leave at frequently visited destinations, such as with your child’s grandparents or other family members.

  • Traveling with a stroller

Car seatCheck through or gate check? Every time you traveling with a stroller, carefully weigh the option of checking it though or carrying it to the gate. Like car seats, strollers can be checked for free, but it might not always make sense. The advantage of gate checking is that you can use it at your departure and arrival airports. The downside is that it can sometimes take 10-15 minutes before it’s delivered to the  passenger traveling economy class, which can be an uncomfortable wait after long flights. Waiting for a gate checked stroller can also ensure that you’re last in line at customs and immigration which delays your holiday.

When checking it through, you don’t need to worry about it until you arrive at the baggage claim of your final destination, but you may have to carry your child through a large airport. Therefore, carefully consider your choice before each journey. Though some airlines offer first class services and they do provide baby strollers which can only be used until exit of arrival halls..

From us here at sparesguide we wish you happy holidays and a nice choice for your baby car seat.

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