The Legendary Peugeot 504 Might be Coming Back. Will it Rock Again?

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Peugeot’s flagship, the 504 made its public debut on 12 September 1968 at the Paris Salon. The press launch which had been scheduled for June 1968 was at the last minute deferred by three months, and production got off to a similarly delayed start because of the political and industrial disruption which exploded across France in May 1968.

peugeot-504-2The French car maker had dominated the markets with 504 series, making it notable for its robust body structure, long suspension travel, and torque tube drive shaft, enclosed in a rigid tube attached at each end to the gearbox housing and differential casing, relieving drive train torque reactions. The 504 ultimately achieved widespread popularity in far-flung rough-terrain countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Benin, Kenya and Nigeria

During that era of the 504 series, that car was the real in completion with others like the Mercedes Benz 190, vintage car popularly referred to as ‘Tortoise Car’ amongst other Renault and ford. Cars of those days were very rugged and very much reliable. They didn’t have those fancy designs (we probably thought those cars had the best designs) but the engines were topnotch. Am sure, to date you can still get a number of operational original engines of the 504 series on Kenyans roads.

peugeot-504-5 The Peugeot 504 is a mid-size, front-engine, rear wheel drive automobile manufactured and marketed by Peugeot for model years 1968-1983 over a single generation, primarily in four-door sedan and wagon configurations, but also with luxurious two-door coupe, convertible and pickup truck variants. The luxurious few had the 504 couple with a sunroof-equipped four-door saloon, introduced with a carbureted 1,796 cc four-cylinder petrol engine, with optional fuel injection the car roared in its times. A column-mounted four-speed manual transmission was standard; a three-speed ZF 3HP12 automatic available as an upgrade

peugeot-504-3More than three million 504s were manufactured in its European production, with production continuing globally under various licensing arrangements , among others, including 27,000 assembled in Kenya  and 425,000 assembled in Nigeria, using knock-down kits the production extending into 2006.

In 2013, the LA Times called it “Africa’s workhorse and that reminded me of the first encounter with a famous pick-up and lion of African road. If you knew cars during middle Late 90s, you should have trusted the lion symbol. I had a special encounter when a family relative who then had launched a private business selling agricultural products, the business made transportation a center stage to the survival of the business, he had to the inevitable which was never in pain. I am pretty sure you knew, drove or heard about the Peugeot 504.peugot

Fast forward, we now live in days where technology is advancing and as such, car designs and innovations are getting better. Owing to this fact, it is being stated that the Peugeot 504 may be doing a comeback with a revamped design to compliment the today’s economy. It was my wish to the 504 maintains the agility that was with the front view of the lion symbol on the grill. Am keeping my eyes and ears open to more news on the 504 come back and be sure to get the update later on.

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