The Motoring Industry Practice, Genuine Is The Best.

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The motoring industry is one market that affects us all in one way all another.

Almost 90% of the world populations are known to use cars as their means of movements. One of the main expenses that we all are known to come across when owning one is that of maintenance costs. Motor parts have different major classifications,  Body and main parts, Electrical and electronics, Interior,  Powertrain and chassis, Miscellaneous auto parts, It is believed that ordinary car will have over 30,000 different parts. Thus making the spares part best part of the business for car manufacturers.


Certain parts of our car need to be changed from time to time due to their nature. Due to the cost factor, many end up opting for cheaper parts in comparison to genuine ones. Even those these may seem as a cheaper alternative, in actual fact you are just causing more problems for your self in the long run.

When one uses cheap spare car parts, they tend to damage the supporting genuine parts that they are linked to. Trying to get hold of genuine parts in car model can prove to be quite costly. For this reason many have started to look for cheaper alternatives. Even though you may be looking for cheaper alternatives, there is a way that you can find low prices of fixing your car with genuine parts. We are going to take a look at where you can find low priced genuine parts and the advantages that come with it

It might not make much sense at first, but a m sure you will be surprised to know that ordering genuine spare parts directly from manufacturer is known to work out 30% cheaper in comparison to buying those same parts from after market manufacturers and how others will just use the original product and repack it to look little different.

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There a standard practicing procedures for changing parts in your car and knowing these procedures is very important. Knowing and practicing the correct maintenance procedures will in result increase the life expectancy of your car. These were the few major maintenance procedures that need to be practiced regardless of whether your car is old or new.

In the posts to follow we will be looking at different parts, and how to maintain our cars.


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