The G-Wagon Statement Says, ‘Kill Them With Kindness’

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As polite as a hungry man can manage. G-Wagon, your go-to guy, says ‘Kill them with kindness’. But always have a sense of self preservation. Know your worth. When the deal is not good, walk away. The trenches never rejected a good soldier. You keep moving. You bang tarmac until your rubber hurts. Then one day something happens. Serendipity smiles your way. Things come up roses. Someone see your G-wagon and suddenly your future is clearer than a glass of sunlight.

Clearly, no one can argue that the Mercedes G-Class doesn’t boast an impressive retro appeal with its familiar boxy shape and undeniable charisma. In fact, little has changed since the 1979 original, exposed screw heads, turn indicators mounted on the bonnet and bluff windscreen included. Based on a photo it will be very difficult to mentioned a model if it’s a classic G55. It is a testament to the design that you can’t tell if it is a 1985, 1995 or 2015. The best info I have on the redesign right now is that it is a few centimeters longer, wider and less tall.

However the recent update added modern touches like LED day running lights and new front bumper with AMG style air intakes. Nothing more, nothing less, the secret lie in the sound the roars at the back when the peddle is almost to the floor. The interior has been changed, too, but only to add a new instrument cluster in two tube look with 11.4 cm multifunction display and again an AMG style gear selector. The updated G 350 d features the full 7-inch Comand sat-nav system as standard as well as heated leather seats and ISOFIX child seat anchorages, with a heated steering wheel and even a TV tuner waiting on the options list. The result is an environment that feels well screwed together but more than a little bit outdated.

Form does follow function in the case of the G-Class which thanks to its boxy allure offers a roomy boot capable of swallowing 2,250 litres of luggage. Another practical touch is the wipe clean lining and partitioning grille, which makes the G-Class perfect for carrying your beloved dogs. One downside though remains the high loading sill and, of course, the boot door itself, which opens sideways rather than upwards. That means you need a great deal of room behind to gain access to the luggage compartment.

The space on offer is also rather limited, particularly on the rear seats, that ideally could have been a little more spacious. Two tall adults will struggle over long distances. But first, they’d need to get into the cabin, since the car’s high ride height can make it predictably difficult to climb in and out of the car. Given the copious amount of road space occupied by the G-Class, the cramped nature of the cabin must come as a real dissappointment. So, don’t plan on using the G 350 d as a plush luxury SUV. For that, you’d have to turn to the GLS 350 d.

At least the G 350 d doesn’t feel entirely outdated in terms of dynamic prowess. The 3.0-litre V6 turbo engine now has 245 hp – an increase of 34 hp – while there’s 600 Nm (up from 540 Nm) of torque which, as we discovered, is enough to get the G-Class spinning effectively all four wheels off the beaten track. Refinement is still off the G-Class’ agenda. The gruff engine note might seem rather blunt at first sight, but push on and it becomes quite intoxicating, indeed.

All said and done a sure that the G-Wagon, an iconic model with an unmistakable presence on the road, offers thrilling performance, awesome versatility, and incredible features. So if you have the money these the car to enjoy it. You catch the surprise in her eyes when she looks at your braveness. It is a surprise that is accentuated by a chuckle and a statements that falls from her lips, ‘Kill Them With Kindness’.

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