Renault Megane Gets a A Face lift, Thanks to The French Manufacturer.

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The French manufacturer of the brand Renault Megane has long established it as one of the key runners in the race for sales in the compact hatchback class in the Euro market. The original Megane replaced the Renault 19 in 1995, and in the following 20 years Renault has refined and updated the compact hatchback to keep it competitive in the class. The current model is the 3 RS, and was introduced in 2016 after the 3 RS had a relatively long eight-year production life.

A word from our source suggest the  2018 model of the Megane #Rs would be going through a transformation thou is will appear to originate either from some strange patent-type deal or could be part of the configurator. We’d be 100% sure of the latter were it not for the fact that none of the diamond badges are present. We’re forced to say about a hot hatch that it’s not as wild-looking at the Civic Type R. That alright for a Golf GTI, but the Megane 3 RS had several consecutive Nurburgring records which have all been outdone by the 2018 hot Civic.

The Renault Megane is a tenfold improvement on the outgoing model. It’s comfortable, practical and well equipped, and it’s a compact family hatch that takes some beating. The refined and frugal 1.5 dCi diesel is well suited to the car, while top-spec Signature trim comes loaded with standard kit. Compared to the regular Megane, the RS is going to be noticeably wider using bigger tires, wider tracks, and flared fenders. The ones at the front are particularly sexy-looking.

Speaking of which, the Megane GT is getting new features because of its big brother. These include relatively minor revisions to the headlights, 3D taillights with cool new blinkers and a new front bumper with larger but still fake intakes. And did you know only the exhaust pipe on the left is real? The one on the right is black plastic trim. Personally, I’m not a fan of the front end. The RS 250 had some nice understated features, while this is covered with fake air intakes and unnecessary trim. Then again, it might look better in person, or I could just have trouble adjusting to the 5-door body.

Even though British media is fairly confident that the RS will have a 300 horsepower 2-liter engine, we’re sticking to the 1.9 TCe story. Since launching that engine in the Alpine A110 sportscar, Renault has also dropped it into the Espace 225. Don’t get us wrong, a 2.0-liter would be better, especially now that a slick twin-clutch gearbox is also available. Speaking of stuff that’s available, we have to mention the Cup chassis and 4Control.

None the less the Megane will be more stylish and desirable than ever, it’s also better built, nicer to drive and even more efficient than before. It’s not the sharpest car in its class to drive, but its mix of abilities should ensure it finds a place on your shortlist if you’re in the market for a classy, spacious and cheap-to-run family car. Let’s wait for it and see what will come out of in a few months.

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