Motor Oil, Engine Oil & Other Lubricants

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Motor oil, engine oil, and other lubricant, it is common phenomena that has hit the motoring industry in the modern world. Thus giving the ordinary car owner a lot to think about when they do not understand what they need and what they don’t. Generally all cars need lubrication when in motion, this helps in efficiency and longer life.

Most oils and lubricants are well-developed by big multinational to suit different needs, Lubricants are comprised of oil enhanced with additives, in some cases, extreme pressure additives that are used for lubrication of internal combustion engines. The main function of these lubricants is to reduce wear on moving parts; they also clean, inhibit corrosion, improve sealing, and cool the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts.

Horse OilMotor oils are derived from petroleum-based and non-petroleum-synthesized chemical compounds. Motor oils today are mainly blended by using base oils composed of hydrocarbons, polyalphaolefins  and polyinternal olefins, thus organic compounds consisting entirely of carbon and hydrogen. The base oils of some high-performance motor oils however contain up to 20% by weight of esters.

On September 6, 1866 American John Ellis founded the Continuous Oil Refining Company (Later to become Valvoline). While studying the possible healing powers of crude oil, Dr. Ellis was disappointed to find no real medicinal value, but was intrigued by its potential lubricating properties. He eventually abandoned the medical practice to devote his time to the development of an all-petroleum, high viscosity lubricant for steam engines – then using inefficient combinations of petroleum and animal and vegetable fats. He made his breakthrough when he developed an oil that worked effectively in high temperatures.This meant no more gummed valves, corroded cylinders or leaking seals. Moreover, this meant that the stage was set for the liberation of steam power and the growth of a nation via rail road and steam ships. In 1873 Ellis officially renamed the company to Valvoline after the steam engine valves the product lubricated (wikipedia)

checking-oilHow much do you value the engine in your car? that is the most important question for you and me. The life of your engine depends in no small part on the quality of the oil you put in it – oil is its lifeblood. People typically don’t pay much attention to their oil – oil is oil, right? In the bad old days, maybe, but engine oil underwent something of a revolution in the late 1980’s till early 2000’s when hot hatches, bigger engines sizes  and turbos started to become popular. High compression engines and black death (its when a sticky black substance is found deposited on the engine valves and it is the mains cause of engine seizures) meant the days of one oil catering for everyone were over.

Having said that,  all we need to do is check our engine oils level every morning  as oil may play a supporting role in the combustion engine, but without it, the parts wouldn’t be able to move freely, the seals would dry up and crack and little bits of dirt and metal would clog the works. Without engine oil, the whole combustion process would grind to a halt.

Enjoy your drive.

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