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Frustrated by a Dead Battery, Jump Starting is the Simplest Solution.

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If you’ve ever finished up a long day only to get behind the wheel of your car and find that turning the key in its ignition results in nothing but a ‘strange silence’ I call it ‘strange silence’ as the sound we except is not what we hear…  Then I can bet that you’ve more than likely experienced a dead car battery. What frustrates me more the modern cars which do not have battery gauges on the dash board and once its strikes you are down with a dead car battery.

While sitting behind the wheel of a totally immobile car can be frustrating, there are some things you can do. It happened to me a week ago, I was stuck in a parking lot with two cars on either of my side, jump-starting was not a solution.  A few click on my mobile is could get all sorts of companies saying they can deliver a battery in less than half an hour. The dark side is that they charge double the cost of the same battery in the normal dealership shop. Mind you I have no intention to discredit any, but the sales men end up saying that they stock only brands. The frustration pushed me further.

Battery 5The main purpose for any automotive battery is to start the engine.  While Batteries uses less than three percent of its capacity to start the engine.  As soon as the engine starts, the power for the car is supplied by the alternator. Of course I had to get on wheels, rejuvenate the battery, and get it back on the road. If you’d like to learn more about how easy it is to jump start a dead car battery. I know that by now many of my readers have had a similar problem at one point in time. And if you drive a SUV with more than 300,000 kilometers on the dashboard, a jumper kit is always at a hands reach.

The car battery usually has a life about 5 years.  But, did you know that the Battery which we assume dead are actually good batteries.  They just don’t produce enough power to start a car engine but it does discharge little power which can be used for smaller things.  The power discharged from a dead battery is enough for the lights and fans in our house.  Instead of putting it in the carriage or simply returning it to the service person we can put these batteries to a good use. I do normally negotiate the price of the new one and less a few bucks on the old one. Why would you need two after all its new?

Batteries are designed to discharge high voltage of current and then recharge quickly. Most of the SLI or lead -acid battery provides 12 Volts of direct current, and as such their heavy metals in the battery may pollute the environment to a greater extent. It can pollute the air and water around us. Nearly 90% of the heavy metals and toxic chemicals in lead-acid batteries can be recycled.

Battery 4In every situation, more reserve is better, like a little extra in the checking account. If you have a vehicle that has an aftermarket stereo or electrical equipment has been added to it, I suggest you get your car tested battery if it’s beefing up the charging system of the vehicle to accommodate the added amperage load. The size and number of plates in a battery determine how many amps it can deliver. By having more and/or large plates can increase the normal life of the battery. This is what distinguishes a three-year from a five-year warranty battery.

As far as which battery manufacturer is best, in my opinion a new batteries would better than a reconditioned ones. You want to reduce any chance for explosion or leaking of the battery acid that is highly toxic. Gel batteries are recommended for a lot of the European Vehicles that have batteries mounted in the trunk or under seats, they do not emit harmful gasses. If you install a standard battery in one of these types of application it needs to have a venting system. We also recommend the maintenance free, sealed cell style batteries, they are typically less likely to leak.

Battery 2 We also recommend having your charging system and battery tested regularly about every 6 months. This helps to ensure that it is working at full capacity and can give you an early detection for any signs of weakness. Enjoy you drive.

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