Car Rental, Be Aware Before You Rent It

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Car rentals can be tricky if you are not careful, after all you are renting a car that is owned by a company or another individual through a shell company masking the real owner of the car. Be careful as whatever happens to the car under your hand, you will be held responsible by the car rental company.

Many have fallen victims of car rental complicated process after accidents and other breakdowns, here are some tips to consider before appending your signature to the contract and giving authority to the company to hold your credit cards details.

Always go for value for money and compare different companies reading through the terms and conditions of the agreements, remember that if it is now necessary for you to use a private car during your tenure period use public taxi, It is less convenient at times but you need not to worry much at any hidden cost.

Car RentalsDrivers Limitations.
Will you be the only driver – or will someone else in your party take the wheel at times during your trip? If you share driving duties, you may have to include additional names on the rental contract, which could increase the cost. Age is also a factor, as drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 are more expensive. Your best bet is to try to keep the number of drivers to a minimum to avoid supplementary fees and stress.

Insurance policy.
While rental reimbursement insurance covers the actual cost of a rental car, it does not protect the rented vehicle in the event of an accident. Before accepting the insurance option offered to you by the rental agent, check with your agent to see if your personal car insurance policy includes collision and comprehensive coverage.  Never let them pressure you on insurance issues.
If you already have this coverage on your regular vehicle, there’s a good chance it will transfer to a rental car so be sure to check your policy.

Credit CardCredit Cards.
Beware of credit card blocks, are you nearing your credit limit or is your bank account balance low? Ask if the rental company puts a block on credit or debit cards – a practice used to ensure that customers have enough money to pay their bill, and don’t forget to counter check for how long the block stands after you terminate the contract with them. It would be advisable to even speak to your credit cards company representative and know what details are availed to 3rd parties.

Inspection is necessary
Thorough inspection of the car before signing the rental contract. You don’t want to be held accountable for existing damage. Also, have an employee sign off on any ding, scratch or dent you spot. Most rental companies require you to sign an inspection form, but many people are in a hurry and rush through the process. Take this step seriously and let them know you have clearly noted all the details. Mind you when you return their car it will be their time to inspect it and they will run to pick up old dents if you do not notice them earlier.

Do they charge for late returns or over millage, Mind you if at all they do they no not going to declare it openly and they charges are mostly double rated.

Car Rentals 3

Never Go Alone.
Always have friend by your side when approaching a car rental company he might be able to capture what you did not. And they will not be able no overwhelm you with information that is not sinking in your head.

Am sure that now you are at a better position to negotiate that car rental plan with more confidence and power in your hand.

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