A.D.A.S. a Good Development in Auto Safety.

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The safety of our roads, roads carnage has seen the automobile industry spend in terms of billions in research and development. Until recently, automotive safety has been focused on softening the blow of a collision or crash; that is limiting the physical damage to the human or otherwise caused by a metal-to-metal mayhem. But that’s changing. Mitigation is simply not enough.

As the car industry evolves from a mechanical business to one that is more software oriented, the safety or all in the next generation of automotive, has been redesigned to a more pro-active approach than reactive one. Safety devices are being engineered one after the other. One of which I will give my attention to today’s article is the so-called advanced driver-assist systems. ADAS is engineered to eliminate both the physical and psychological after-effects of a collision by eliminating the possibility of ever getting into a collision.

ADAS 2The simple rule of physics says no crashes, no injuries, no fatalities — it’s that simple.

Though driver assist technologies, such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and traction control, have been around for decades, they have been relatively unobtrusive, operating behind the scenes without the average driver ever knowing. Today’s more advanced driver assist systems — like adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking or blind spot monitoring — are more meddlesome. They provide motorists with essential information about their surroundings and automate difficult or repetitive tasks in the hope of an overall increase in safety. Essentially, they compensate for the weakest link: the driver.

And these new autonomous technologies are being developed at a blistering pace. In just one model year, advanced driver assists have gone from being offered in a minority of new vehicles to being sold in the majority. Some experts believe ADAS technologies are becoming the next competitive area, a place for an automaker to differentiate its vehicles from others. Regardless, they are well executed and well integrated.

ADAS 3To help you get a handle on the latest ADAS offerings currently available, what they do and who is offering them, we’ve created this easy to use guide

Red flags are different. They are tiny warning flares that may start off as ‘small stuff’ but when dangerous situations are unaddressed, they fester into a full blown automotive procedure that can bring the automotive to a still stop. They take time in varying degrees depending on the severalty of the situation.

In any case the outcome is what it is. Steer still and honour the deal, but don’t try to do it alone ADAS if here to stay.

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